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Given that Knockbook is a service venture, it operates on the basis of achieving complete clients' satisfaction; since it started; it has been committed to moving forward and progressing to ensure the best services. In addition, kb understands that internal satisfaction of employees and staff is as imperative as customers' satisfaction; hence, it make employees think of themselves as part of the business family. During the past years of operation, kb has dealt with many companies and prepared different media plans for different products/ services to launch regional online campaigns, the thing that gives it an edge in this industry. Knockbook seeks to spread awareness and acknowledge positive aspects of digital media create a family of its clients and make them think of Knockbook as their first choice when it comes to online advertising

How we work?


Knockbook is equipped to handle all digital media related matters. To that end, it offers a variety of digital media solutions and strategies. We in the business of providing outstanding distinct services to its clients; as they give the opportunity when they choose us to represent them, we shall meet that with commitment and persistent excellence as habits of ours.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Google Display Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Social Media Management
Behavioral Advertising
Media Buying
Microsites & Customized Facebook Tabs Development
Online Design and Animation


Knockbook is one of the leading online media companies in the MENA region. We look forward to franchising to qualified organizations that want to be part of the online advertising industry. In order to help us understand your vision, geographic preference, and scope of interest by completing our website This is your first step on the road to potentially opening a Knockbook's agency. Our development team will review your application and, assuming you meet baseline criteria, we will contact you to further discuss the opportunity.


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